Dr. Budhi Singh Yadav
Designation : Associate Professor


 :: Contact Details
  Phone No.    :   7087008103
  Ext No.        :   6103
 :: Educational Qualification
  Graduation :   MBBS from IGMC Shimla in year 2000
  Post Graduation :   MD from PGIMER Chandigarh in year 2004
 :: Area of Interest
       Area Of Interest       :

1. Breast cancer

2. Lymphoma

3. Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy

4. Image Guided Radiotherapy

5. Brachytherapy

4. Chemoradiation 

5. Chemotherapy in solid tumors

6. Targeted Therapy

 :: Research & Projects
      Research In
1. Impact of Body Mass Index in patients with Breast Cancer
2. Comparison of two boost schedules in patients with Breast Cancer.
3. Two weeks hypofractionation schedule in patients with Breast Cancer
4. Accelerated Partial Breast Radiation in patients with Breast Cancer.
      Awards & Honours       :
1. AROI abroad fellowship 2011
2. Best Paper in YROC 2013
      Member Of Professional
1. Life member of AROI (Association Of Radiation Oncologists Of India)

2. Life member of NZAROI(North Zone Association of Radiation Oncologists)

3. Breast Foundation of India

4. Indian College of Radiation Oncologists (ICRO)

 :: Publications(In Vancouver Style)
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